Benefits of being a Multimo Partner

We want you to succeed and we will help you make it happen. We offer you comprehensive support in order for you to provide your customers a truly unique and high-quality solution to their need.

We pay full respect to a mutual-benefit relationship based on loyalty, respect and care. Our focus is to give good-quality and innovative products with a reliable delivery, friendly customer service, non-stop education, responsive sales support and attractive marketing programs.

  • Highest Performing & Innovative Products

    We have a reputation as the industry pioneer to introduce leading edge products to market. The combination of innovation, quality and performance is unmatched in our industry. You will not be complained by introducing our products to your customers. Customers often do repeat order after enjoying the benefit of our products.

  • Friendly relationship

    Multimo is a partner that brings real value. One of our focuses is to give our partner the best that we can. We are very happy to see our partner successful.

  • Qualified Sales Leads

    Multimo generates qualified sales leads and passes them along directly to you. Along with this, our partners can actively pursue opportunities through relationships and highly effective marketing efforts.

  • Marketing Materials

    Multimo provides highly effective marketing tools along with aggressive marketing campaigns to create end-user awareness. We develop excellent marketing materials for you. Our marketing department will provide you with any assistance and materials required to create your own marketing material or your own website or your own social media platforms.

  • Website

    Our website contains the latest industry information along with detailed product information and effective sales materials for end users. Along with this, we offer a link in our website to guide the customers to your location.

Who wants to be our Partner?

To become a Multimo partner, you must have been in furniture business for several years. Contact us today at (031) 8544449 / 8544572 or complete the form below to explore an opportunity to a successful business-partnership.

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